hbj-coverHemp Business Journal is the most trusted name in the hemp industry for business data, high-level analysis, market research and trends. We are proud to bring you the insider business news on one of the fastest emerging markets in the United States. We are the publishers of the leading market reports in the hemp industry: The State of Hemp and The CBD Report.

Our Motto: In God we trust. All others, bring data. 

At its core, the Hemp Business Journal is a result of an ambitious mission to inform titans of industry, investors, and political leaders about hemp, and how it can be used to as foundational crop for economic, social and environmental progress.

We study sales and trends in seven major product categories and many more subcategories. We interview industry thought leaders, manufacturers, government regulators, scientists, farmers and many others. To date we have conducted over 500 primary interviews and done surveys across the hemp industry.cbd-report-cover

We study market size, import/export data and penetration rates for comparable industries such as natural and organic foods, supplements, organic textiles, natural and organic personal care products and the medical  and adult-use  cannabis industry. We analyze the entire hemp value chain and the numerous consumer categories across the industry.

If you are looking for the best information and data about the hemp industry, you’ve come to right place. We look forward to uniting forces and building the hemp industry with you.

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New Frontier Data

In 2018, Hemp Business Journal was acquired by New Frontier Data. The HBJ offices were relocated to the New Frontier Data satellite office in Denver. New Frontier Data is headquartered in Washington DC. All operations and reporting for HBJ continue as before the acquisition, but now with the team of New Frontier—and its depth of resources and cannabis industry expertise—to support HBJ. We look forward to the next chapter of hemp data and market intelligence as part of the New Frontier Family!


We are the team behind Hemp Business Journal and producers of the Hemp Summit. To learn more about us visit one of our web properties below. Thanks for visiting us and let us know how we can help you sew the seeds of this mighty emerging industry!

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