The CBD Report features a CBD Channel Sales Analysis — the first of its kind — and is the culmination of literally thousands of hours of investigative research and analysis by a team of more than 20 people: researchers, scientists, MBAs, analysts, reporters and a few very well-informed hemp industry insiders.

To develop The CBD ReportHemp Business Journal interviewed more than 50 founders, CEOs and executives of CBD companies, performed 15 site visits to farms and extraction labs and collaborated with industry associations, companies and institutions.

In The State of Hemp, HBJ determined the Hemp CBD market rose from a market that was barely noticeable a few years ago to $85 million in consumer sales for hemp-based CBD products in 2015. Projections to date for 2016 indicate that the total CBD market is poised to grow 27 percent to reach $115 million across channels. In addition to hemp-based CBD products, HBJ estimates another $112 million in cannabis CBD products were sold through dispensaries in 2015, for a total CBD market of $227 million. 

As sales of CBD products continue to increase, HBJ forecasts the entire U.S. CBD market will increase to $2.1 billion by 2020 and that $450 million of those sales will be from hemp-based sources.

In The CBD Report we broke down the CBD market into primary consumer sales channels to help you understand this emerging industry. Here are the consumer sales estimates across all channels for 2020.


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