GenCanna Global is a business heavily focused on the agronomic, horticulture, and processing elements of the hemp industry. Research and development are significant initiatives for GenCanna, and the company leverages partnerships and former tobacco infrastructures to grow the business. The company utilizes greenhouse and outdoor grow facilities and in house production.

GenCanna was instrumental to the establishment of the Kentucky Hemp Research Campus and emphasizes the importance of being stewards of the industry by educating the public and collaborating with political, legislative, and law enforcing bodies.

The company leadership does not anticipate releasing a GenCanna labeled product but will produce a white label product and hemp ingredients. The company is targeting opportunities to bring products on line with large nutraceutical companies.


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In 2015, GenCanna produced hemp on 100 acres. For this year acreage was maintained at 100 while research and development of processes increased overall grow efficiency and yield as the company optimized production performance. Variables optimized that resulted in an 80%+ harvest success rate include plant density, grow start and conclusion timing, among others.

The company anticipates a higher overall yield this year with a shorter overall grow cycle and increased CBD content. Phenotypes discovered and developed this year are anticipated to have significant impacts to GenCanna’s production over the next two years.

GenCanna has spent approximately 1.5 years performing hemp agriculture and production on the Hemp Research Campus. Objectives include collaborative technology development through partner projects on site. Last year the company built Big Blue, an optimized drying process and system that decreased overall processing times to achieve desired moisture content.

This season thousands of pounds of raw product will be dried using Big Blue and farms are bringing their product to the Hemp Research Campus for processing. Over time the company anticipates commercializing Big Blue into a system that can be sold and used by commercial processing businesses.


GenCanna sees many opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators to deliver new technologies to the market. Harvesting, drying, and extraction were all discussed as ways to increase the market size as well as the ability for new farmers and companies to enter the market.

“By reducing the asset costs of harvest and processing equipment, more farmers will have access to enter the hemp industry.” – Matty Mangone-Miranda, ”


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