Letter from the Founder

Greetings and thank you for stopping by the Hemp Business Journal website. I’m delighted you found us.

In 2014 a small but committed group of business professionals got together at the “Hemp Zone” during the inaugural Cannabis Capital Summit at Mile High Station in Denver. We discussed the state of the industrial hemp industry. We found the industry was lacking the business information and market data that entrepreneurs, investors and legislators rely on to make critical decisions. We noticed there was a mounting pile of information for the legal marijuana industry but being business leaders focused on industrial hemp and CBDs, (i.e. not THC, the psycho-active ingredient in cannabis) we knew we needed to chart course to build reliable data for those focused on hemp, not marijauna. That was the day we planted the seed that started Hemp Business Journal. 

As an investor at Miracle Ventures, I discovered there were some great investment opportunities in the emerging hemp industry. I starting investing in hemp companies but quickly learned there was no reliable market data to use for making informed decisions. I became determined to solve this “missing reliable data and strategic business information” problem by hiring a team of researchers and analysts. And so, the seed we planted began to grow.

Our mission took on a sense of purpose and urgency when I read the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. I looked at these goals, scratched my head a few times, and thought, gosh, hemp can be used as a solution to many of these global problems. I became further convinced when I read Pope Francis’ Encyclical, Laudato Si’ – On Care for Our Common Home, that hemp was a missing key in building an integral ecology across nations. Hemp is a sustainable crop. It regrows every four months, saves water, saves trees, sequesters carbon, feeds people, heals them, and reduces our reliance on petrol-chemicals. What other plant does that? (Seriously, if you know of one, tell me here).

The Catholic theologian in me liked Pope Francis referring to “Care for Our Common Home”–so the company we named the parent company behind Hemp Business Journal in tribute to it: Common Home Media, Inc. The company was in the second class of Canopy Boulder and we set out to bring value, data, market intelligence to business leaders, investors and change makers.

From then on we did our own primary research. Conversations turned into interviews, emails turned into surveys, piles of data and numbers turned into charts, and pages of research turned into documents—which all led to our Inaugural Market Report appropriately named, “The State of Hemp 2016.” Since publishing the State of Hemp we’ve worked hard to be the first publication to define the CBD industry. In October 2016, we achieved our mission and published the CBD Report.

​I am certain the State of Hemp and CBD Report will provide you the market data and critical business information you need if you want to seize the opportunities that are emerging in the U.S. hemp industry.

Our hope is that through the State of Hemp and CBD Report you come to see the true cannabis revolution sweeping the planet isn’t about people getting high on THC, but it’s one about humanity building a clean, global economy through sustainable agriculture, water conservation, industrial processing, product innovation, and better health and wellness for all of us, particularly children with epilepsy, those suffering pain from cancer, and baby boomers entering the stage of life where the quality of life is what matters most.

So if you are serious about industrial hemp, CBDs or simply cannabis curious, I invite you to get the State of Hemp and/or the CBD Report. Become knowledgable and informed about the green revolution sweeping our common home.

May the seeds you are planting grow and be prosperous always.

Sean @Octavius Murphy
Founder, Hemp Business Journal