The fourth annual NoCo Hemp Expo just completed what is arguably the largest and most influential hemp-centric expo and conference in the world. This year’s event brought together industry leaders, businesses, associations, entrepreneurs, and advocates from around the globe. Over 2,000 participants experienced Industry Day on Friday March 31 and 2,700 attendees enjoyed Consumer Day on April 1 in the First National Bank Building at the Ranch Events Complex in Loveland, Colorado.

The 2017 Hemp Summit was held during NoCo4. The networking at the Hemp Summit was unprecedented with over 50 top hemp executives and panelists, and 200 attendees for the summit.

The excitement and energy level of the emerging domestic hemp industry was amplified to a completely different level at this years expo. Testimonials from key stakeholders and business professionals have been pouring in since the doors opened on Friday and continue to roll in…

“Tremendous event and thanks for everyone’s participation”

Bob Hoban – Managing Partner, Hoban Law Group

“Great takeaways!”

Rob Lanterman, VP Sales, Organa Brands

“Ditto to what Rob said!”

Eduardo Provencio, General Counsel, Mary’s

“Thank you also for your outstanding panel leadership at the conference!!!”

Thomas James, VP, 22nd Century Group, Inc.

“Even if hemp weren’t so important to America’s future, the NoCo Hemp Expo would serve as a prime example of an essential industry trade show: Connections and deals made left and right, education for everyone (including me) and a whole lot of fun”

Doug Fine – Author, Hemp Farmer and Keynote Speaker

“The absolute best hemp-specific event in the world. The NoCo Hemp Expo is continually the most highly recognized professional gathering of hemp industry professionals! Looking forward to 2018!”

Tim Gordon – President of CBDRx and Functional Remedies

“The NoCo Hemp Expo has secured its legacy as a key trade show and educational event demonstrating innovation and product development. This event is fantastic for the Hemp Industries Association members, and we’re proud to see such a strong presence of our own support base. We’re grateful to the Colorado Hemp Company and it’s staff for turning-out a professional event year after year.”

Colleen Keahey – Executive Director of the Hemp Industries Association  

As the U.S. hemp industry evolves in what could be currently described as sporadic and inconsistent, due to federal laws, agency interpretations, and varied state regulated programs, it is more than clear that hemp is here and hemp is here to stay. A major theme for this years event was The Pathway to Freedom, which encompasses collaboration and cooperation at the local, national and global level; education, science, history, best practices, innovation, and whole plant understanding. Expo attendees were immersed in this message for 2 days and left the event invigorated to share this information within and beyond their own circles.   

Major sponsors of the 2017 NoCo Hemp Expo included: CBDRx, EnerHealth Botanicals, Sub-Zero Extracts, Hoban Law Group, Hemp Business Journal, Envirotextiles, Hempy’s, Bluebird Botanicals, Botanical Genetics, The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine,, Nature’s Root, Chimney Rock Farms, PureHemp Botanicals, THR Technologies, Blue Circle Development, Palmetto Harmony, International Hemp Exchange, Hemp History Week and Nature’s Love.

Sponsors of the Hemp Summit included: Cannopy Corporation, Hoban Law Group, Folium Bioscience, Kazmira and Lilu’s Garden