Growing Warriors


There are currently over 1 million Veterans on Food Stamps and every day, more of our service men and women are returning from the battlefield, looking for the next mission.

Mike Lewis, Executive Director of Growing Warriors project, began this mission after watching his brother’s recovery using farming/gardening and found the results to be the momentum for his own path of recovery and one that might suit many other Veterans.

Watch Executive Director of Growing Warriors project, Mike Lewis, speak about the vision, mission and how anyone interested and aligned with the mission can become involved.



Every day, over 22 Veterans are taking their own lives and the mission of Growing Warriors is simple;  to equip, assist and train our military Veterans with the skills they need to produce high quality, naturally grown produce for their families, communities and countries.

If you would like to learn more about Growing Warriors and their recent project involving American grown hemp and how they worked with Fibershed to produce the first American grown and sown hemp flag in over half a century, check out our blog post covering it here and watch the Patagonia produced video below.




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SOURCE : Growing Warriors