In Wyoming, CBD products have begun to disappear from the shelves of the grocery stores Jackson Whole Grocer and Lucky’s Market. According to the Jackson Hole and News Guide, the CBD products were removed at the behest of law enforcement officials, who threatened legal action against the stores if they did not comply. The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation claims that the products were illegal under state law as they contain trace amounts of THC, even though hemp-based extracts are neither illegal nor intoxicating. Included in the removal were products made by CV Sciences (CVSI), a manufacturer of CBD products and pharmaceuticals.

In a statement to the Hemp Business Journal, CV Sciences’ Director of Business Development, Josh Hendrix, said that the company plans to address the issue with their attorneys and the US Hemp Roundtable, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit that lobbies on behalf of the US hemp industry.

“Ironically these issues usually lead to an increase in awareness which only helps grow this new and exciting category, and we look forward to working with the appropriate authorities in Wyoming to ensure a positive resolution for the hemp industry and the state like we’ve seen everywhere else,” said Hendrix.

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